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🚨Please note this item has been discounted due to a damaged box. Product has not been damaged nor used. ✔ NO SURGERY: Unlike liposuction, our Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Burner doesn’t require any surgery....

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🚨Please note this item has been discounted due to a damaged box. Product has not been damaged nor used.

Unlike liposuction, our Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Burner doesn’t require any surgery. So you don't have to worry about anesthesia or blood & bandages. Instead, it uses low-frequency sound waves to help you get toned, without causing any bodily trauma.

     COMPLETELY SAFE: Ultrasonic waves are routinely used for many diagnostic & therapeutic medical procedures. So there's no risk involved, especially when compared to other methods of fat reduction that requires invasive surgical procedures.

       QUICK & EASY: With our Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Burner, it only takes 20-60 minutes per treatment. There’s no downtime, & the only thing you’ll need to worry about beforehand is drinking plenty of water.

      How does 3 in 1 ultra slimming device work?

      The massager produces ultrasonic waves and infrared heat. Blood flow is enhanced underneath the outer skin layer. The result is that fat deposits break down and can easily be eliminated by the body naturally. Pain is heavily reduced in a natural way as well. 

      The microcurrent technology which is involved and patented plays a large role. Massages using this technology stimulate your muscles with passive movement. This movement consumes (burns) fat, sugar and carbohydrates of the surrounding tissue. Regular muscle movement consumes 60-70 joules per second. The UltraSonic Lift Massager lifts this number to a whopping 3000-4000 joules per second.

        Note: The ultrasonic wave and far infrared will cause a warm feeling to your skin, This is the normal phenomenon. The far infrared will cause a warm feeling after 3 minutes. You can feel warm in infrared ray heating area, not the ultrasonic area, please use with ease.

        How to use skincare options 3 in 1 ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine?

        1. Cleanse your skin before application.
        2. Allow the machine to heat up for 10 minutes.
        3. Spread body shaping product/Ultrasonic gel on your skin evenly ( apply the product separately in each section to prevent it being air-dried and result in an impaired absorbing effect ).
        4. Plug in the slimming and beautify the device.
        5. Turn on the POWER and the red light will blink.
        6. Press the SONIC button once for the low intensity ( LOW ), twice for the high intensity ( HIGH ).
        7. Use the low intensity on your face, high intensity can be used in other parts of the body such as arms, legs.
        8. Spread the skin care product ( body shape product ) on areas that you wish to apply massage.
        9. Remember to keep your skin moisturized (Note: Gel skin care products are recommended as they are more conductive).
          Please note:

          This skincare options 3 in 1 slimming and beautifying machine is not through a traditional heating or drastically mechanical vibrating massage method to slim body. And the frequency of this instrument is very high. Its frequency is 1 MHz, 1000000 times per second. Its penetration is very strong. It can go deep into the skin for 4-6 mm in the human body and face to achieve the purpose of weight loss, body shaping and skin whitening. But the vibration amplitude of this beauty instrument will not be too large, otherwise it will damage human cells and also the large amplitude of the vibration will cause skin relaxation. So it is normal that you will not feel the vibration or heat when using it.

          But when you try to put a drop of water on the massage head and see the droplets jumping, you can see that the effect of vibration is obvious. Because the vibration of the instrument is millions of times per second, it will not pull the skin.

          This is a very safe and painless weight loss and beauty instrument in modern science and technology.

          After the ultrasonic function is turned on for a few minutes, touch the surface of the massage head without obvious heat. This is proof that the instrument has good performance and the heat loss of the part is low.

          It uses 10 carbon fibers as a heat source for generating natural infrared rays. The infrared irradiated cells resonate and rub, generating a thermal reaction and accelerating fat decomposition.
          EMS mode light not on if press sonic mode.EMS treat with the sticky electrode pads. and no mode if adjust the mode selection key to the bottom, no intensity if adjust the intensity selection key to bottom. please note this.
          Sonic mode(no Ems mode this time) do not need the pads.
          If you want to regulate secretion and promote fat consumption, you need EMS.
          If you want to massage your body to lose weight and skin care, you need Sonic.

          It is important for EMS Mode, it will stop working automatically after 10 mins if you want to repeat need turn it on again.

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